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Welcome to CheckNHotels!

Welcome to CheckNHotels!

With so many hotels around the world, we figured to showcase real photos of these accommodations. How come we have so many photos of these hotels? Let’s just say that it’s part of our day job to stay in these hotels and we figured to use the opportunity to let others see what each hotel has in store for each guest.

Hotel websites are aplenty and we want to help you know what amenities and facilities are available so that you can get an idea when you book in these places.

Why CheckNHotels?

Aside from the fact that most of the domain websites have already been taken by different owners, “CheckN” is a play of words that can either mean “check in” a hotel or “checking” (doing a review) the hotel.

What to Expect
Main thing you can expect from this website is photos captured as we visit every location. We will take photos of the bedroom, bathroom, facilities and amenities of the actual hotel. This is a blow-by-blow picture log as we give you real pictures.

We hope you enjoy the webpage and have a better idea before making that reservation. Check back from time to time for updates and other news information. Take care!


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